‘Free food and medicines’ – Harakhchand Savla’s ways to provide a healing touch to the cancer patients

harakchand savla

Cancer is such a dreadful disease that its name itself shivers everyone. It is pitiful for the relatives to see his near and dear one suffering from this terrible fate. The poor fellows are the worst sufferers; because they need to come to distant towns for treatments. They feel lost and lonely amidst the educated and elite crowd of the cities. Not everyone thinks about the miseries of the poor people, but Harakhchand Savla did!! When this good Samaritan witnessed the worried and horrified faces at the Tata Cancer Hospital, Mumbai, he was so disturbed that he decided to help these depressed souls.

Harakhchand Savla wanted to bring back the smiles on these faces, but he was not sure how!! In order to be available full-time for his plans, Harakhchand Savla gave up his hotel business. He sold out his hotel on rental basis to gather some funds and began providing free meals to cancer patients and also to the relatives of such patients who visited the Tata Cancer Hospital.

Both lunch and dinner are served to the patients and their relatives. Rice, chapatis and vegetables are offered and turmeric-infused milk is served to the patients undergoing severe chemotherapy sessions or suffering from throat cancer, and who are unable to intake salty food. The distribution of food has been conducted on a pavement just opposite the hospital.

His small initiative received more helping hands. Harakhchand Savla’s noble initiative eventually sped up and took the shape of a trust – Jeevan Jyot Cancer Relief and Care Trust. They also started supplying medicines and toys for younger patients. His trust has now about 60 humanitarian projects running under its head. Harakhchand Savla is a Godfather for the cancer patients and their relatives. Millions of people salute him for his selfless dedication.


You can also contribute to this humanitarian initiative. Please don’t hesitate to send unused medicines of any kind, books, clothes, or toys to Jeevan Jyot Cancer Relief and Care Trust, 3/9 Kondaji Chawl, Jerbai Wadia Road, Parel, Mumbai – 400 012. Log on to www.jeevanjyot.in for further details.

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