Three successful startups worth USD 840 million, at the age of 27


He came, he built and he sold! For Gurbaksh Chahal, building startups have been akin to a child’s play, literally!

At the age of 16, Gurbaksh dropped out of high school to pursue his dream as an entrepreneur and started his first company, ClickAgents. It was one of the first ad network companies focused on performance-based advertising. Eighteen months later, he sold it for USD 40 million to ValueClick.

In January 2004, Gurbaksh founded his second company BlueLithium, this time with an insight into sophisticated new ways that data optimization and analytics could help web advertisers with behavioural targeting. BlueLithium was named one of the top 100 private companies in America for three years in a row by AlwaysOn.  It was named Innovator of the Year in 2006, along with Google, Skype and Salesforce. In 2007, Yahoo acquired BlueLithium for USD 300 million in cash.

In September 2009, Chahal started his third online ad company named RadiumOne. RadiumOne provides a Programmatic Advertising Platform that leverages first party data to deliver real-time advertising across the web, mobile and Facebook. On 2nd March 2012, RadiumOne’s valuation surpassed USD 500 million.

Moved by the Wisconsin Sikh Temple shooting incident, Chahal founded the BeProud Foundation with USD 1 million of his own money.

Millionaire Gurbaksh Chahal: If Money Is Your Only Goal, You'll Never Achieve It | Elite Daily

Gurbaksh’s success as an entrepreneur have also been noted in The New York Times, Entrepreneur magazine, Forbes, and Business Week. He has also been profiled on Oprah Winfrey Show, Bonnie Hunt and Extra TV. Chahal himself has told his success story in his international best-selling book ‘The Dream’, which has inspired many young entrepreneurs around the globe.

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5 Responses

  1. Yount says:

    Usually, I don’t read long posts, but it had been worth the time. Nice article.

  2. Rupinder Singh says:

    John, thank you for your kind input on this article. The purpose of this small write-up is not to cover Chahal’s life story. There has been many other facts about Chahal which may not have been mentioned in this article. The whole article is written with an intention to focus on his entrepreneurial achievements only.

  3. John Hariman says:

    He was fired from Radium One after he was convicted of violent offences. How is that not about his entrepreneurial record? Leaving out this important part of the story is dishonest.

    Being an entrepreneur is all about your character. You cannot separate the person from the achievements. They are intertwined. Chahal has revealed the sort of coward he is. You cannot cover him without at least talking about that.

  4. AchhiKhabre says:

    Dear John, this article is to focus on his entrepreneurial achievements only, and not about his personal life.

  5. John Harriman says:

    How convenient that you forgot to mention he’s been fired from Radium One after being found guilty of beating up his girlfriend. The man is a violent, dangerous thug, not someone to be glorified. He is the lowest form of coward. Shame on you for glossing over his abhorrent act.