Gunjan Sarma, a 14 years old brave girl who volunteered to be kidnapped to save the lives of ten other kids

gunjan sarma kidnap brave girl assam

How bold and calm we can be when we know that we are kidnapped and yet, can show a rare act of bravery? This is what a 14 year old girl from Assam did to save the lives of other kids of her school. Yes, Gunjan Sarma did what we can’t even dare to think. She volunteered to be kidnapped in lieu of the 10 school mates, who were all juniors to her, braving a serious threat to her own life.

A gunman had hijacked the school van to flee, after he picked up a quarrel with some people at Simaluguri, in Sivasagar district of Assam. The driver of the school van, who displayed presence of mind, immobilized the van after driving it into a drain in the Chantak tea estate to save the kids. The kidnapper threatened all the kids to follow him and picked up one. Then Gunjan Sarma volunteered and asked the gunman to leave the other kids and take her instead.

Not just that, Gunjan Sarma was taken through the dense forest along the Assam-Nagaland border, where she was left abandoned by her armed kidnapper. Next day Gunjan managed to escape and reached the house of a tea garden worker who called the police.

The kidnapper picked up a small girl in the school van who started crying. I volunteered to be kidnapped instead. He clutched my hand and ran towards the forests. We crossed a river and walked through the forest for some time and stopped at one place. It was dark and I couldn’t see anything. I didn’t eat anything all night. In the morning, I couldn’t see him and escaped to reach a village. The villagers called up police and I was brought home – Gunjan Sarma

Later Gunjan, daughter of a businessman and a student of Kendriya Vidyalaya, narrated her traumatic incident to the media persons that the gunman had stuffed a pistol into her mouth in order to prevent her from shouting when police and other security personnel were calling out her name during a search operation inside the jungle along the Assam-Nagaland border. However the gunman assured Gunjan that he would free her unharmed.

The following video by ANI describes the courageous story of Gunjan Sarma in her own words.

14-year old Assamese girl to be honoured for bravery

The State Government of Assam announced an annual state bravery award in the name of Gunjan Sarma and first recipient of the award is none other than Gunjan herself.

Gunjan Sarma is one of the children to  be conferred National Bravery Award, on the eve of Republic day 2015.

This small girl has surprised every adult by showing the rarest act of bravery. It is simply impossible for any common man to volunteer to be kidnapped and put his own life at stake. Gunjan Sarma has made everyone proud, whereas a girl child is still a neglected story in many parts of India.

Video Source : ANI

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