Gunari village in Bangladesh, a fine example of the ultimate power of human adaptability

gunari village bangladesh

Gunari, a coastal village with a population of about 8,500 people, is situated in the south-west region of Bangladesh with Sundarbans in South. In May 2009, it was hit by a big cyclone ‘AILA’, which destroyed the entire village and took many lives.

Negative Altitude Team went to Gunari for charity work. They gathered some money and few warm clothes to help the winter victims. When the team reached Gunari, a boat full of warm clothes seemed very little for the people. Seeing the devastated village, team thought charity was not the solution.

Next year, during late winter, the team again visited Gunari. They thought of capturing the scenario of the village and bring it to the attention of others. They randomly asked a person about how he was and told him to share his sufferings. But everyone was totally amazed by the answer the man gave. The man gave the most pleasant smile on earth and said, ‘Who said to you that we are suffering, we are living quite happily by the grace of almighty.’ Even, the man offered tea to everyone.


The villagers of Gunari has taught everyone a lesson; it’s about the supreme power of adaptability of human being. After the super cyclone AILA attack, the villagers had nothing to do except looking forward for charity and reliefs. But after sometime when those helps stopped coming, then they had no other choice but to stand on their own.

gunari village bangladesh

The fighting spirit of the people of Gunari village is highly appreciable. If one compares their present condition with the condition they had three years ago, he will find a huge difference. They are farmers mostly, but still they rebuilt their houses, repaired their broken dam, they are smiling again, playing again. Let us spread this positive attitude of the people of Gunari, which can definitely help everyone to grow up as a better human being.

Source: Negative Altitude

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