Know how an Indian company ‘Green-O-Tech’ is safeguarding environment through its ‘Waste to Wealth’ concept


Credit : Neetu Sharma

The Swachh Bharat Abhiyan initiative has created a huge awareness among the people about the environmental issues and threats. People have started to contribute towards the environment through adopting different initiatives. Earlier, for waste paper recycling, people had no alternatives available or any service provider for recycling. So, Prashant Rana founded Green-O-Tech India in 2010, as a major step towards fulfilling his dream for converting ‘Waste into Wealth’. Green-O-Tech India™ is a leading service provider that offers the best solution for managing waste paper.

We are providing unique service models for recycling waste paper, waste plastic and waste wood. In last six years, Green-O-Tech India has recycled thousands of tons of waste and planted more than thousands of trees for its valuable clients.

Prashant Rana is responsible for policy, strategic planning and the overall supervision of the organization’s operations. He has been working towards the development and effective waste management systems in Indian industries. He is the person behind this unique concept of ‘Waste to Wealth’. Under his strong leadership, Green-O-Tech India has turned into one of the India’s topmost waste management and recycling service providing company.


Green-O-Tech India has a very unique service model for waste paper recycling. By adopting this model, its clients have reduced their stationery cost by 20% to 25%Green-O-Tech India™ has worked for more than 300 satisfied and valuable clients. Presently, more than 20 schools, colleges and universities are associated with Green-O-Tech India for its green initiative.

When we started at the end of 2009, we found that people are not aware about the paper recycling and its benefits. Even, they were not interested to get it recycled. Maximum companies were either throwing it or burn it. It took 3 years to make them aware and understand how we can help them to contribute towards the environment as well as to reduce their stationery cost.


A recent global Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) study by the Waste and Resources Action Program (WRAP) stated that recycling 1 tonne of paper will avoid 1.4 tonnes of carbon dioxide compared to landfill. Waste paper recycling helps to save trees and by saving trees we will not only be offsetting carbon emissions, but will be helping our wildlife too. By adopting waste paper recycling, we can save 17 fully grown trees, save at least 30000 liters of fresh water from water pollution, save 4,100 kilowatt-hours (15 GJ) of electricity and save 74% air pollution, caused by the paper industries (3.67 tones of CO2 for 1 tonne of papers).

There are 750 pulp and paper mills in India, producing many varieties of papers, like paperboard, newsprint, etc. Many of them are using waste paper as their raw material for the production of the same. But most of them are importing waste paper from other countries to meet their raw material requirement; because in India, we are able to recover waste paper only up to 20% to 26% yearly; whereas in other countries like Germany its 73%, Sweden 69%, Japan 60%, USE 49% etc.

We all are aware now that by adopting waste paper recycling, all of us can save trees and help to reduce global warming. We all can easily adopt services of the companies like Green-O-Tech India, to get the best solution for waste paper.

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