GlowTide on a mission to feed every hungry soul in Hyderabad, India


Globally, human beings produce enough food-waste to feed 3 billion people, as over 30% of the world’s food supply is wasted. Wastage of food is one of the major causes of hunger. On one hand, we see large amount of food being wasted everyday in public eateries, canteens, wedding parties, buffets, restaurants and on the other hand, countless people are unable to make both ends meet.  In 2011, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon noted that there is enough food in the world, yet millions are still starving, and unless we take action, it will devastate our planet.

But the main problem is “Everybody is waiting for somebody else to take action”.

A young boy from India has taken up initiative to feed the hungry people across Hyderabad through his organization called ‘GlowTide Society Development’.

I went to buy a sandwich once and saw one man trying to drink water from drainage nearby. It was a very disturbing moment. As I spoke to him, I came to know that he was hungry from last 14 days and was unable to even fetch himself a clean glass of water – recalls Mustafa Hashmi.

Hashmi, currently a final year engineering student at VIF College of Engineering and Technology (JNTU), decided to find a solution. He founded GlowTide, a nonprofit organization that collects clean leftover food from corporate offices, hotels and restaurants and serves them to the hungry and homeless people. GlowTide Society Development is managed by a group of students. They have been presently able to deliver meals to 125-150 people every day. Hashmi, along with other teammates use personal vehicles and have hired an auto rickshaw for transportation.


Here are some shocking  facts :

  • India is home to 25% of the world’s hungry, which is close to about 210 million people
  • Annual food-waste in Italy could feed 44 million people – all of Ethiopia’s undernourished population
  • Annual food-waste in France is enough to feed the entire population of the Democratic Republic of Congo
  • Just 5% of food-waste in United States could feed 4 million people for one day

GlowTide is inviting organizations and individuals to support and keep alive their noble cause by donating food, funds and providing volunteers. [pullquote-left]GlowTide estimates to serve around 20,000 people monthly with a day’s meal in next 3 years[/pullquote-left]A ‘one coin donation’ campaign is on the immediate to-do list of GlowTide to help expand their operation. Hashmi says, “We see ourselves capable enough to serve around 20,000 people monthly with a day’s meal in next 3 years”.  If you want to partner with GlowTide for supplying leftover food from your home, organization, event or restaurant, write to [email protected]. Currently they are present only in Hyderabad.

We wish and pray that more and more individuals and organizations come forward to step together with GlowTide, so that this noble cause started in Hyderabad, ends up with full eradication of hunger from the world.

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