Germen Crew’s rainbow mural connects a community, extending over 200,000 square feet in Mexico

germen crew

Germen Crew, a youth organization of muralists and street artists, teamed up with the government of Mexico to rehabilitate the Palmitas district in Pachuca with a massive rainbow mural. The main motive behind the cause is to unify the community, extending over 200,000 square feet and connecting more than 200 houses, through an array of colorful hues.

The effort of Germen Crew has brought many changes among the people living in that community. The mural has created jobs and helped reduce youth violence during its construction.

Graffiti, art and its history have transformed us and allowed us to avoid falling in perdition and make bad decisions. From of our experience, we propose it can change the lives of others. Said, Uriel del Rio, a crew member.

The group of artists individually painted the facades of residences and shops. Saturated tones have been applied to the exterior brick surfaces, revealing a fluid and sinuous composition that unites the tightly-packed buildings when viewed from a distance. The mural has significantly changed the character of the city, where the outward appearance of the neighborhood now matches the colorful culture of its inhabitants.

The Germen Crew wanted to bring beauty to an area that was lacking color, and show how public art can make a positive social impact. This low-income neighborhood in Mexico has now become the talk of the town.


Image Credit: designboom



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