8-year-old raises money to help his best friend buy a new wheelchair


Paul Burnett and Kamden Houshan quickly became best friends as soon as they met each other in the kindergarten. For his disability, others consider Kamden as different, but for Paul, Kamden was no different.

8-years-old Kamden lives in Poway, California. He was born with a tumor on his T2 and T3 vertebras. While he has had three surgeries to de-bulk the tumor, Kamden is paraplegic and relies on a wheelchair to get around. But his current wheelchair is so big and heavy he has trouble pushing it. It’s also tipped forward multiple times. Unfortunately Medical, the state’s Medicare, only pays for a wheelchair once every five years, and Houshan can’t afford another chair.

It was then Paul came up with an idea to help his best friend; he decided to start a campaign for Kamden, so that he could raise enough money to get Kamden a customized wheelchair.

In two weeks of the campaign, the goal of $3,900 exceeded and it raised $6,000, which covers the cost of a new customized wheelchair. In the fundraising page, Paul wrote –

Hi my name is Paul. Here is a picture of me and my best friend Kamden. We have been friends since kindergarten and we love to play superheroes during recess. We love to go to McDonald’s to eat Happy Meals and play at the park. My friend Kamden was born with something on his spine and he can’t walk. He has been in a wheelchair since before I met him. I asked my mom if I can go on Go Fund Me to help Kamden get a new wheelchair. His wheelchair has fallen forward many times and that sucks. Also, he has a really hard time pushing it because its so heavy. But do you even know what’s worse than that? His wheelchair is too big for him to fit in his bathroom. He can’t even fit through the door and use the toilet without asking for help. If he gets a new wheelchair he’s going to be more comfortable and he’ll do more things on his own. I think he would go super fast if he got this new chair and we can play more. Please help Kamden.

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