Fofatt, a new name in the gaming industry and the dream creation of 5 young minds from a remote corner of Assam, India

fofatt team crash match

Kaziranga, the national park located in the Golaghat and Nagaon districts of Assam, India is mainly famous for the one-horned rhinos. This World Heritage Site is the home to two-thirds of the world’s great one-horned rhinoceroses. That simply makes Kaziranga a place of attraction for the innumerable people from all over the world. But unfortunately, this beautiful and unique creature that gave Kaziranga world recognition is now under threat.

Efforts are on to save one-horned rhinos from poachers and the conservation of the one-horned rhinos. People, government and other agencies are equally putting their efforts in the process. Notable point here is, even the youths of the state have not remained behind.

A group of five gaming enthusiastic youths of the state have founded ‘Fofatt’, a small start-up that creates video games for the mobile platforms. In a unique way to spread awareness on saving the famous one-horned rhinos and to enhance tourism, they have developed a game called ‘Crash Match’, based on Kaziranga.

The name Fofatt is derived from the initials of the sentence ‘Full of Fun All The Time’. Fofatt has its own in-house developers, graphic designers, artist, sound engineers and marketers. Currently Fofatt has five young members, namely – Sudarshan Sonowal, Parismita Borah, Abinash Mazumdar, Madhurjya Chutia and Chandan Hazarika. All the members are from different backgrounds, but what binds them together is the love for technology and gaming. Their journey was never easy; they all had left their respective jobs and comfortable life before starting Fofatt.

The theme of the game is Kaziranga and the game mascot is Sukhapha – a little one-horned rhino. Little Sukapha struggles to save its animal kingdom from the speeding cars on the highway, which clearly reflects the danger looming on the wildlife of Kaziranga. In the game, players crash the cars on behalf of little Sukapha, thus helping to destroy the evils threatening the animal kingdom. Browser based testing version of the game is available for the smart phones (Android, iOS and Windows platform).

Our primary target audiences are from all over the globe and by choosing Kaziranga as the theme, we are attempting to expose the beauty and heritage of Kaziranga and our pride, the one horned rhino. Said, Chandan Hazarika, co-founder of the Fofatt game studio.

This smart phone game would definitely be able to draw audiences from all over the world; that would surely help in spreading awareness on Kaziranga. The efforts of the young team of Fofatt and most importantly their unique idea to create global awareness on Kaziranga and its one-horned rhino, is really commendable.

While people often complain the North-Eastern region of India to be backward in technology and infrastructure, these five youngsters have proved that you can chase your dream against all the odds, even with the limited resources and infrastructure available to you. They have pioneered the mobile gaming industry of Assam and have set an example to all other entrepreneurs of the region to come forward and to use technology as a tool for building a better society.

Have a look at the Fofatt page and help Sukapha to save his animal kingdom. Enjoy crashing.

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