Let’s fight Blue Whale Challenge!! This is how you can stop this sick game

blue whale helpline

Since quite a few days, the Blue Whale challenge has remained as a hot topic of discussion among the people from around the world. In India, six cases so far have been identified. In order to provide psychological support to the victims, the Fortis Healthcare has launched a 24×7 stress helpline number  +91 8376804102.

Even though blue whale challenge spread over a 50-day period, the game creates psychological trauma to the participants, which ultimately leads them to their death. But, we can fight blue whale challenge; here are a few ways through which you can save a life from this sick game.

  1. Abnormal Behaviors – If you notice any kind of abnormal behavior among your friends or family members, immediately take the help of police or concerned authority.
  2. Horror Movies – If you notice that your friend or family member is watching too much of horror movies, that too alone in the midnight, take the matter seriously. He might be the next victim of Blue Whale Challenge.
  3. Going Out At Midnight – Going out of the house at midnight is not a common behavior!! Discuss with your parents or concerned authority, if you see this behavior among your friends and family members.
  4. Weird Marks – If you come across any weird injuries or signs on the arms or face of your friends, immediately notify it to the concerned people.
  5. Call Helpline – You can dial 24×7 stress helpline number +91 8376804102 for any kind of assistance.

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