Meet Komal Ahmad, Feeding Forward’s CEO, who has fed over 570,000 homeless in San Francisco

komal ahmad

This 25 year old CEO is on a mission to feed homeless. Recently she fed more than 4,279 people at eight different shelters and food banks. Meet, Komal Ahmad, Feeding Forward’s CEO.

While Komal was attending the University of California at Berkeley, a homeless man approached her one day, asking for money to buy food. Instead of giving him cash, Ahmad invited him to have lunch with her. As they ate, he told her his story. He was a soldier, who had returned from Iraq and had a bad turn of luck. That incident bothered Komal so much that she decided to do something about it.

Within a few months, Komal Ahmad set up a program at Berkeley that allowed the school’s dining halls to donate excess food to local homeless shelters. That program, then expanded to 140 college campuses across the US in about three years. Now, she runs her own nonprofit service, Feeding Forward.

Komal Ahmad Founder, CEO & President of Feeding Forward


When companies or event planners have surplus food, they tap the Feeding Forward app and provide details of their donation. A driver is then dispatched to quickly pick up the leftovers and deliver them to food banks. This is how Feeding Forward works.

Imagine a football stadium filled to its brim. That’s how much food goes wasted every single day in America. Said Komal Ahmad.

Since the launch of Feeding Forward in 2013, it has recovered more than 684,000 pounds of food, which means it has fed more than 570,000 people and diverted more than 3.42 million pounds of carbon dioxide emissions from landfills.


Image Credit: cnet

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