Orthopedic equipment for just Rs. 1 !! Know all about the incredible service of Falguni Doshi

falguni doshi

Many of us have a wheelchair, walker, a stick or many such orthopedic equipment lying idle in our homes, which were used by our grandparents, parents or even by us. They are expensive equipment. Either we keep them just because they are expensive or we simply don’t know what to do with them. But Falguni Doshi knew what exactly needed to be done with such equipment – give them to the needy.

It all begun when Falguni Doshi visited her friend’s place in Vadodara and saw a wheelchair, walker, and a stick, lying in one corner of a room. When she inquired about them, her friend told her that it was used by her late grandmother and was lying idle ever since she passed away. It was then Falguni decided to give them to the needy.

Two friends spread the news in their network and inquiries started pouring in. Initially they started renting out these equipment for free. Realizing the need, Falguni and her friend decided to purchase some equipment on their own and then renting it out. But very soon they realized that people often misuse the equipment when they get in free. So, the duo started charging only one rupee per day as rent for the equipment.

It is a general tendency to take things for granted when they are given out for free. We started getting damaged equipment back and that is where I thought some money needs to be charged to ensure accountability on the users’ part, says Falguni.

Due to some personal issues, her friend was unable to continue with the venture, but Falguni Doshi decided to take the initiative ahead. Sixteen years on and Falguni has more than 100-odd instruments, right from toilet chairs to sticks, crutches, walkers, wheelchairs, air beds, hospital beds etc., which she rents out on a regular basis.

I get a lot of satisfaction by engaging in this venture. This model is not for profit, it is largely a platform from which people can benefit. Getting people’s blessings for this is something I value a lot in life – Falguni Doshi.


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