Few positive events that have made global headlines in 2015

The year 2015 has finally come to an end. There were few events that have made us cry and for some, we laughed. There were positives as well as negatives!! No matter how good or bad year it was for you, but there were certainly few wonderful things happened during the year. Here are few of those important events which are worth mentioning.

World’s first accord on climate change was signed by 195 countries

events of 2015

Representatives of 195 nations reached a landmark accord for the first time, to limit climate change, which included new climate commitments. Barack Obama called the historic global conference ‘a turning point for the world’.

Libby Lane becomes England’s first female bishop

events of 2015

On January 2015, Libby Lane became the new Bishop of Stockport in northern England. She is the first woman to be appointed as a bishop by the Church of England, after its General Synod voted in July 2014 to allow women to become bishops.

Down Syndrome model walked at New York Fashion Week

events of 2015

Australian model Madeline Stuart, 18, who has Down Syndrome, walked the Runway at New York Fashion Week in September. Madeline walked in the Hendrik Vermeulen Spring 2016 fashion show. She appeared in several different outfits.

Poverty decreases worldwide

decrease in poverty

As per the World Bank, extreme poverty’ to fall below 10% of the world population for the first time. Extreme poverty has long been defined as living on or below $1.25 a day, but the World Bank’s adjustment now sets the poverty line at $1.90 a day.

Tu Youyou wins the Nobel Prize in medicine

events of 2015

Tu Youyou is a Chinese pharmaceutical chemist and educator. She won a Nobel Prize for her discovery of malaria treatments. Youyou, 84, doesn’t have a medical degree or a PhD, but studied pharmacology in Beijing and became a researcher at the Academy of Chinese Traditional Medicine.

Young man carries his injured brother on his back from Syria to Turkey

events of 2015

21 year old Omar rescued his injured brother and carried him on his back from Syria to Turkey. Abdulrahman, Omar’s brother was unable to walk after his leg was badly damaged and had to be amputated in a makeshift field hospital.

Ebola epidemic is over

ebola virus ended

The World Health Organization declared the Ebola virus outbreak to be over in May, after a year since its outbreak in Liberia, which claimed 11,000 victims.

Years of military rule ended in Myanmar

election in myanmar

Ending nearly 50 years of military rule, Myanmar has held its first national vote since a nominally civilian government was introduced in 2011. Nobel Prize Winner and leader of the National League of Democracy in Myanmar, Aung San Suu Kyi, won the first free election in November.

NASA confirms the presence of water on Mars

water on mars

NASA’s Mars Reonnaissance Orbiter (MRO) found that the Martian slopes have dark streaks created by water flow. Liquid water runs down canyons and crater walls over the summer months on Mars. Discovery raises the chances of being home to some form of life.

Women voted first time in Saudi Arabia

women voted in saudi

Saudi Arabia has elected seventeen female politicians to municipal councils in a historic election that allowed women to vote and run as candidates for the first time.

21st June declared as International Yoga Day

events of 2015

21 June is declared as the International Yoga Day. Mass yoga program in Delhi, India set a new Guinness World Record for the largest yoga class at a single venue. The iconic Times Square in New York also turned into a Yoga Square as some 30,000 enthusiastic people in colourful dresses performed the ancient spiritual practice, celebrating the first UN International Yoga Day.


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