He treats patients! He also serves free meal to nearly 200 elderly everyday in Mumbai – Meet Dr. Uday Modi

dr uday modi

Several patients visit Dr. Uday Modi everyday for treatment. But, Dr. Modi’s service to the society is much bigger and wider than a regular medical practitioner!! He serves free lunch to nearly 200 senior citizens everyday, in the Mira Bhayander area of Mumbai, through the Shravan Tiffin Seva.

Dr. Uday Modi, an Ayurvedic doctor by profession is the man behind the Shravan Tiffin Seva, which initially started with cooking food for an aged couple near his hospital who were unable to cook for themselves.

It all begun when a 78-year-old man walked into his clinic in Bhayander (W) complaining of osteoarthritis. His wife had suffered a paralytic stroke; they had no money or food, and even their three sons never cared. It was then, Dr. Modi decided to send food to their home.

Dr. Modi’s wife, Kalpana pointed out that there could be many more like that elderly couple who are deprived of all these basic needs. Soon, pamphlets were distributed along with the local papers and notices put up on the walls. What began with 11 couples has now grown into a service that covers nearly 200 people.

dr uday modi

Initially, his wife was cooking food, but now there are four cooks appointed to prepare food daily for around 200 people. Food is prepared separately for diabetics and non-diabetics, and Dr. Uday himself tastes the food daily to ensure its quality before it is sent out to the people.

For the last 10 years, Dr. Uday has been offering food. He is also taking care of their medical needs with the help of a few social workers. Dr. Modi’s dream is to open an old age home, that would provide free shelter even to the disabled elders.


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