7.8 Richter earthquake has devastated Nepal, but could not shake the spirit of Dr. Ram Prasad Sapkota

dr ram prasad sapkota

Dr. Ram Prasad Sapkota, a doctor in the Prasuti Griha hospital in Kathmandu was a lesser known person till the recent earthquake that devastated Nepal. Because, even the 7.8 Richter earthquake could not stop this 33-year-old doctor from doing his duty. When the earthquake struck, Dr. Ram Prasad Sapkota and his nursing assistant refused to abandon a pregnant woman who had already lost her unborn child.

I was stitching up her uterus when the tremors came. I had to keep it (uterus) closed to stop severe bleeding. There was no question of evacuating the building as she would have died within minutes. Said Dr. Ram Prasad Sapkota.

The hospital was shaking hard enough and even some of the operating tools fell down on the floor. But Dr. Ram and his staff continued the operation and managed to save the life of the woman.

Most interestingly, six hours after the quake, Dr. Ram started working at the same operating table, performing a caesarean section on a woman whose baby was in transverse lie- medical jargon for a baby lying sideways.

She delivered a healthy baby. And there I was holding a new life, with death all around, nature’s ways are inscrutable. A smiling Dr. Ram Prasad Sapkota said.

Director of the hospital, Dr Jageshwor Gautam said, Sapkota had set an example for others with his unflinching effort, courage and commitment. Total 185 births have been recorded in Nepal’s biggest and busiest 415-bed maternity hospital between April 25 to April 29, while the death toll in Nepal is still increasing with every passing day.


Image Credit: hindustan

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