Dr. Megan Coffee, a shining star in the healthcare world

dr. megan coffee

Haiti, a Caribbean country that shares the island of Hispaniola with the Dominican Republic to its east, was hit by ruinous earthquake in 2010. In a country like Haiti, getting a prompt and adequate medical care is a rare opportunity for many. Hence, when thousands of patients were thrown together after the devastating earthquake, the danger of epidemics like TB was great. There was an urgent need of specialist in infectious diseases. Dr. Megan Coffee, an infectious disease specialist headed to Haiti to help. It was five years ago and Dr. Megan Coffee is still working there.

Dr. Megan Coffee is a Harvard-educated physician and Oxford-educated epidemiologist. She gave up a research position at Berkeley and works there in Haiti without any pay. However, her family and friends still think she’s a little crazy for making this career choice.

A group of local volunteers, many of whom survived Tuberculosis because of Dr. Megan, now helping and taking care of other infected men, women and children. Dr. Megan Coffee had to become adept at raising money through donations to help pay for the medical care the hospital can’t cover.


Image Credit: barrons



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