Mizoram’s MLA did an emergency surgery to save a lady in the absence of hospital’s surgeon

 dr k beichhua

A doctor’s job is to save life, that’s why they are called as God at times. Dr K Beichhua, an MLA from Mizoram did what a doctor should do at the time of an emergency. He swapped his political duties when a woman in his constituency required an emergency operation.

Dr K Beichhua is a qualified MBBS graduate from the Regional Medical College in Imphal. He decided to carry out the operation when he heard that the surgeon at Saiha district hospital was away on a training program in Imphal. The Saiha civil hospital has seven doctors, but only one surgeon.

I was informed that a 35-year old woman was having severe abdominal pain and needed to be operated immediately. The woman’s stomach had a large perforation (hole) and if the operation had not been performed, she may have died, said Dr K Beichhua.

The 52-year-old doctor turned politician completed his medical degree in 1991. He was a general practitioner for about 20 years before entering politics and joining the Mizo National Front (MNF) in 2013.

I have performed hundreds of operations during my career, but the last one was in December 2013 after I got elected as an MLA.

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