These guys collect leftover food to feed the needy in Surat, Gujarat

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Yagnesh Patel and Faruq Bedawala get multiple calls during a day!! Well, those calls are to inform them about the leftover food in the marriage functions and parties. The duo collect those leftover food and later distribute the same to the needy. Yagnesh and Faruq feed the needy in different areas of Surat, Gujarat. Yagnesh is a regular follower of ‘World Economic Forum’; he was shocked to know about the percentage of food wastage in the world. He was so moved that he decided to do something about the problem and eventually started collecting leftover food to feed the poor.

We asked them a few questions to know more about their work. Here’s what these amazing guys told us about their journey so far.

How you collect the leftover food?

We have dropped our contact details in Google for leftover food collection and we are posting on Social Media too. So, we are regularly getting calls from all over the Surat for leftover food collection. We collect all the basic information about the caller and confirmed it from him that the food they want to donate is fresh and eatable. After collecting the address, we send our vehicle to the particular area and collect the food.

Do you have any particular space to store food?

We have a proper kitchen in the city, where we cook food on the days when we didn’t get any food donation. We have 4 big freezers to store food we collect at the night. After confirming the quality of the food, we deliver it to the people in need.

donate food

To whom you are delivering the food to and how?

We deliver 500 tiffins (afternoon and evening) on a daily basis. We have a list of 125 physically and mentally challenged people and senior citizen who lives alone. We distribute the food in the main city area of Begampura, Salabatpura, Sagrampura, Rustampura, Nanpura. We have three ladies in our kitchen, who cook and pack tiffins for the needy people. Once packing is done, our drivers deliver the food in the respective areas.

Since how long you are doing this?

We have started 6 months ago. Initially we used to donate food only to 25-30 persons per day, but now we are dispatching food for more than 250 people per day.

How you are managing the cost?

By the grace of God, we are getting donations of raw materials on a regular basis and some people donate us money as well for the cause. So, till now we didn’t face any difficulty and we hope to continue this without much hassle.


If you want to donate your leftover food from the parties in Surat, please contact Yagnesh Patel @9925028689.

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