The couple who founded Dog Tales, rescued all the 265 dogs from a overcrowded Israeli shelter

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Danielle Eden and Rob Scheinberg, a married couple who live in King City, Canada, founded Dog Tales in 2014, a 50-acre rescue organization with walking trails, large fenced-in paddocks and therapy pools for elderly, abused and disabled dogs that are usually the last to be adopted from shelters. They both are from Israel, they love rescuing dogs from this place that holds significance for them. But, when they visited an Israeli facility, they found every dog in awful situations. That’s when the couple decided to buy the entire shelter, becoming responsible for all the dogs.

Initially the couple thought to adopt 10 to 20 dogs. But when they reach the shelter, they were at a loss. There were two hundred and sixty-five dogs packed into a place meant to house just for 70 dogs. Immediately they changed the decision, because they felt that dogs needed them badly.

danielle eden rob scheinberg

90 dogs have been relocated to more adequate shelters in Israel that Eden has personally worked with. Also, 35 have been transported to Dog Tales in Canada.

We have a team working around the clock in Israel cleaning the shelter up. The dead rats are gone, the dogs have been switched to a proper diet and they are receiving world-class veterinary care, said Clare Forndran, Dog Tales’ media specialist.

The rest of the dogs that are currently still at the Israeli facility are getting much better care now.


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