Meet the ‘Dog lady of New Delhi’, who takes care of 400 stray dogs

pratima devi

She is popularly known as the ‘Dog lady of New Delhi’ for  her astonishing dedication to take care of the stray dogs. Meet Pratima Devi, a rag picker who is taking care of 400 stray dogs.

65 years old Pratima lives in a tarp-covered shed with 120 dogs. She says she is happy  living with the dogs, than that of living with humans. Pratima spends her days feeding and nursing the dogs when they’re injured.

“I feel happy to live with them. When I was with my husband, I wasn’t happy. I used to work all day and run the house. My husband didn’t work.

Pratima Devi buys 12 kgs of rice and five kgs of meat for their lunch every day. She also feeds the dogs with 10 litres of milk in their breakfast. A young man from a neighboring village, Vivek helps Pratima to take care the strays.

Pratima set up a small tea stall, where she would feed biscuits to the local stray dogs. Pratima began to look after three of the dogs, who began to breed. But, her stall was destroyed and for four days, she ate nothing and she couldn’t feed the dogs. Fortunately, she started her tea stall again. The biggest concern for Pratima is now that who is going to look after her dogs when she will be no longer able to.

“If I am not with the dogs at night, they won’t sleep without me. They won’t eat anything without me. Taking care of dogs is my religion.


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