The spectacular musical journey of India’s first differently abled DJ Varun Khullar will astonish you

DJ Varun Khullar

From wheelchair to open a music festival, the story of India’s first and the world’s second differently abled DJ to open a music festival, Varun Khullar aka Aamish Underground is highly motivating and a great source of inspiration for countless people.

He met with a fatal road accident in Manali that rendered him wheelchair-bound in 2014. Varun was bedridden for over three years. But he never let his disability come in the way of pursuing his passion. He learned music production on his own through YouTube videos, reading books, watching music channels etc.

26-year-old DJ Varun Khullar was born in a family of engineers in Delhi. Varun gave up the easy career choice, instead opted for a course as an electronic music DJ/producer from ILM Academy, Gurgaon and Point Blank Music School, London.

Despite having learnt most of my music production on my own, I joined these courses to see if all my learning’s were on the right track and would get me certified music producer/DJ work. The faculties at these institutes are experts and I knew they would be able to guide me better, said DJ Varun Khullar.

Sir Paul Johnson, a wheelchair-bound Chicago based DJ is Varun’s inspiration. Sir Paul Johnson is the first and only DJ in the world who has been deejaying on a wheelchair for the last 25 years. Varun will be opening the multi-genre music festival Time Out 72, which will have performances by American singer Jason Derulo and Dutch DJ Martin Garrix, in Goa, says a report by Festival Sherpa.

Yes, I saw a lot of difficulties to reach where I am. But that was because I took the effort to convince people that I was talented enough and wanted to excel at what I do. My wheelchair is not my excuse. I am just a DJ doing my job, being a DJ in a wheelchair hardly makes a difference.


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