A device to enable children with walking disabilities to walk with their parents


Bringing up a physically challenged child is not easy. Firefly Upsee is a mobility device that lets children with walking disabilities stand and walk, with the help of an adult. It brings the child upright, anchored closely to a caretaker and also leaves child’s hands free to explore and play. Firefly Upsee help a parent with the shoes, where one can fit their own feet together with the child’s feet. The purpose of the shoe is to make the child experience the sensation of walking (see the video below).

The design is a collaboration between Debby Elnatan and the Firefly team. Debby Elnatan is an Israeli mother of a child having cerebral palsy, who used a wheelchair to move her child around. The design has been developed with the help of top class clinicians, engineers, therapists and textile experts. The design came to the market in April, 2014. There is a free webinar about this device for professionals in physical therapy fields and others.

Upsee – Charlotte's Story

Courtesy: http://www.fireflyfriends.com

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