From law breaker to law maker, Desmond Meade’s journey is beyond inspiration

desmond meade

Desmond Meade is a law graduate; seems very simple right!! But once we know his journey to be a law graduate, we would definitely say that his story is beyond inspiring. 46-year-old Desmond Meade went from serving as a soldier to an inmate and even experienced homelessness to finally become a law graduate.

Desmond Meade has experienced a series of unfortunate events, that includes dismissal from the U.S. Army, his mother’s death, foreclosure on his family home and a fifteen year sentence for possession of a firearm as a felon and that eventually led him to homelessness in the streets of Miami. He even attempted suicide.

I realized all the pain and suffering I went through all my life became worthwhile when I used it to help someone else. I realized that was my purpose; to help those less fortunate.

After successfully completing the Chapman Partnership drug treatment program, he graduated summa cum laude in paralegal studies from Miami-Dade Community College’s North Campus in 2010 and later enrolled in the law school at FIU. Desmond Meade is now the director of Lifelines to Healing Campaign, a PICO United Florida program that aims to end mass incarceration and put a stop to violence in neighborhood communities.

Even if Desmond Meade is a law graduate now, but Florida state law prohibits convicted felons from practicing law, voting, running for political office and serving on a jury. But, the best part is Meade is very much determined to stay in Florida and change that, rather than moving to another state.


Image Credit: wlrn


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