This youngster started a campaign all alone to educate slum kids to fight Delhi pollution!! Join him in his mission

Naman Munat

Air pollution in Delhi has again rolled-up this year. The air quality in the capital city has hit ‘severe’ levels, as toxic smog hung over the city in a thick haze. Even though the government has closed all schools till Sunday, there are thousands of people including children, who are roaming freely on the streets of Delhi, unaware of the dangerous consequences of the smog.

In a motive to educate all those underprivileged kids, Naman Munot, a 24 year old BITS Pilani graduate has initiated a campaign. He has already educated more than 500 children living in slums and on the streets of Delhi. Naman has not only educated those kids, but he has also donated 500 pairs of pollution masks to protect themselves from the Delhi pollution.

It was while travelling in a cab, I saw small kids on streets coughing and sneezing because of the pollution. They are very vulnerable to the diseases. So I decided to educate them on the health hazards caused by the air pollution. There are millions of children on the streets of Delhi NCR who need your help. By just buying them a mask, you can save these children on streets from asthma, lung cancer, and other respiratory diseases, said Naman Munot.

Naman Munat

Naman is a BITS Pilani graduate. He did a research on air pollution in Delhi under Dr. Gazala Habib, Associate Professor IIT Delhi. The research was on a variation of PM 2.5 particles with meteorological factors. From the research he found out that the conditions are going to be really worse in near future and together we should start taking steps in the direction of protecting the community.

Small children are very much prone to asthma which brings with a chronic cough (which may be the only symptom), less energy during play, rapid breathing (intermittently), complaint of chest tightness or chest ‘hurting’, whistling sound when breathing in or out called wheezing, see-saw motions in the chest from labored breathing. Join in hands with Naman Munot to educate those millions of kids as well underprivileged people in and around Delhi and help them save their lives from the Delhi pollution.

To join in hands with Naman Munot in his campaign, you can contact him on his mobile +91-9717309324 or mail him at [email protected]


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