Journey of a Kargil war veteran to beome India’s first blade runner – Inspiring story of Major D P Singh

major d p singh

I just couldn’t get used to the sympathetic glances, I used to get from people. After a while, I was desperate to change that, Major D P Singh.

On July 15, 1999, Major D P Singh was heavily injured in Kargil during Operation Vijay. Doctors declared him dead; luckily they managed to save his life after amputating his leg. That was back in 1999 when Major D P Singh got a new life, for which today we know him as ‘India’s Blade Runner’.

When I learnt I’d lost my leg, I told myself that this would be yet another challenge in my life, says D P Singh.

Major D P Singh had to go through 10 painful years after the incident. But he refused to give up. Eventually he took up running. He signed up for his first marathon and started training with his prosthetic leg in 2009. Today, that same soldier with an amputated leg has run 12 half marathons, a feat which is miraculous as well as inspirational. Major D P Singh even holds the Limca record for being the first Indian to run a half marathon with the blade.

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