Corinne Hutton, a single mother who learned to fly and climb the mountains after losing her limbs

corinne hutton

Everything seems normal around the beautiful house of Corinne Hutton, the single mom who lost her hands and feet two years ago. But that didn’t stop Corinne from climbing mountains, flying a plane or even setting up a charity. Corinne Hutton is a fighter who fought against adversities and now leading a very normal life.

Two years ago, Corinne Hutton had a signage business, which was very stressful. It was in 2013, when her hectic work and family life led her to become ill and she caught a cough that soon morphed into pneumonia. While in the hospital, she got a virus and her limbs turned septic and she lost her limbs. But in spite of all these, she manages her house without a cleaner or a nanny and that too being a single mother.

I’d rather live normally; I don’t want a house full of adaptations. My motivation now, apart from trying to be a mum to six-year-old son Rory, is I feel I have two choices in the way that I handle life now: I could stay at home and not do much but I’m certain that would involve negative thoughts and perhaps depression. However, if I do something I didn’t expect to do it makes me feel positive and alive. There’s a reason I keep busy.

Now, Corinne Hutton keeps herself busy by climbing mountains and learning to fly, as well as setting up a charity to help others who have lost limbs. Corinne Hutton also became the first woman who has lost four limbs to conquer Ben Nevis, the UK’s highest mountain. She spends much of her time these days working on her charity Finding Your Feet. Her organization offers support and guidance to those who have suffered life-changing physical trauma.

It would be easy to sit and think ‘why me?’ But I am glad it was me and not someone who couldn’t cope with it. Maybe there is a reason for these things? To be able to say that my new life is all positive is quite a big deal to me.

For Corinne, life has never been easy, but what’s coming up next could be one of the biggest moments of her life. Because, Corinne Hutton is all set to become the recipient of the UK’s first double hand transplant.


Image Credit: Sunday

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