‘CORBIE’ – One and only NGO in Assam working actively against illegal wildlife trafficking


North Eastern part of India is a paradise for the nature lovers. With immense flora and fauna, North East is a biodiversity hotspot. Many believe that North East India is still in its raw form, because it is still unexplored and is away from hues and cries of modern world.

In a motive to conserve the vast biodiversity of this unexplored land, a group of youngsters from Assam came forward to form Conservation & Research of Bio-Diversity and Environment (CoRBiE). They had nothing in common besides the fact that all of them are dedicated nature and wildlife lovers.

Corbie was formed in the year 2009. Founded by Nabajit Barman, the team had only four members at the beginning. Even though all of them were from different background, their love for nature, especially for snakes has given birth to the Corbie. They believe that encouraging welfare activities for nature and wildlife is the need of the hour. Since its inception, team has rescued over three thousand snakes, birds, lizards, turtles, tortoise from across Assam and North East.


Slowly, people started noticing their efforts and eventually they were called to rescue snakes from even people’s houses. Forest department too extended their hands to help the team of Corbie. With time, their work not only remained confine to rescue snakes, but they also extended their reach to rescue other animals and birds, including many endangered species. Now, the Corbie has a team of more than twenty active members and many other volunteers working for the protection and betterment of wildlife.

Corbie has an education and research team, which conducts various awareness and training programs in different areas. Since butterflies are the best bio-indicators of climatic change, the team is also planning to build one butterfly garden that will help them to check the air pollution level in the area.

People should understand the importance of environment and their co-existence with wildlife. Corbie has been conducting awareness and training programs in schools, colonies and even on roads. They have detailed information on more than hundreds of birds. Corbie has been advocating through the latest international and national best practices in legal aspects for preserving the gifted natural resource of the region.

There are three rescue teams in three districts of Assam. Corbie works hand in hand with Wild Life Crime Control Bureau, Govt. of India. Apart from rescuing animals and birds, together they have solved many cases on illegal wildlife trafficking.

They are conducting free bird campaigns through social media as well as through print media. Through this program, they educate people about different laws related to domestication of wildlife birds. They even visit houses if they come to know about any such news. At first, they educate the families about the existing laws, since most of the people are unaware about those laws. They also request them to free those birds. In that way, more than hundred birds were being released into the wild in the last two years and more than four people were arrested for illegal domestication of wild birds (Myna/Parakeet).


Currently, the team is working at the Chakracilla Wildlife Sanctuary. The team basically conducts educational campaigns on wildlife conservation, wildlife law, and wildlife photography. The program also includes tracking, hiking, bird watching and also interactive session with the villagers. Fresh water turtle breeding is another ongoing activity which they are doing especially for black softshell.

Corbie’s next big project will be at Manas National Park, where they will be working on solid-liquid waste management. For the purpose, they will need volunteers as well as financial support. Corbie is the only single NGO in Assam that has been actively working against illegal wildlife trafficking. Till now, Corbie has been sustaining only with the donations from its team members. But, it would be difficult for them to sustain longer without any financial support from the government or other agencies.


To donate for CoRBiE or to volunteer, one can contact at +919864469592 / [email protected] or visit www.corbie.in


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