A Pune based group is aiming to build a zero-waste community, teaching others to turn waste into compost

compost making

In the era of the internet, everything can be easily accessible; anything can be taught and everything can be learned. Social media plays the lead role in the process; never to forget all those apps, especially the messaging apps like Whatsapp has been used by the people in countless ways for a whole-host of reasons.

Taking a social initiative, an enthusiastic group of people from Pimple Saudagar, a suburban neighbourhood in Pune has formed Whatsapp groups to teach others how to make compost from their household waste.

We are a group of enthusiasts who have been preparing compost from wet household waste in our homes for around two years. We now want to guide environmentally conscious citizens, said Siddharth Naik, one of the admins of the group.

Siddharth Naik along with the other group members have formed the group with an aim to make their community zero-waste. They are also keen to let others know that home-made composting units are not only cheaper than ready made kits, but also simple to make and use. While the ready-made kit to make compost at home costs around 3,000 to 4,000 initially, the expenditure is only around 100 to 150 per month, if one prepares it at home.

Any member who posts his query in the group gets an immediate response. Due to the overwhelming response, a third Whatsapp group has also been started to accommodate the new members. There are over 500 active members in the groups.


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