A community harvests 450 acres field of a farmer, fighting cancer

community harvest

When Carl Bates had to be in hospital for the treatment of an aggressive form of cancer, his family became worried about the harvesting the crops. Bates family sought help from fellow farmer friends and neighbors of Galva, Illinois. Their plea gained attention and a team of volunteers quickly assembled to help the farmer in need through community harvesting. Even local business houses, including a bank and a machinery company, showed support by donating food and drink to the workers.

That is why we live here. Your friends are like family here. People genuinely care for each other and don’t expect anything in return, said Carl’s cousin, Jason Bates.

It would have taken about a week to harvest 450 acres of farmland, but the team completed it within 10 hours. The beautiful part of the day was when Carl showed up to greet his friends.

It was special when Carl came out to see everyone. But the special moment was the moment of the day itself. Being together and enjoying the company of others through the work. Jason Bates.

The small town has just about 2,500 residents. But what the farming community of this small town showed up at Bates’ farm, is a fine example of pure love and affection for each other.

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