Collin Clarke, a boy with Down Syndrome competes in bodybuilding championship

collin clarke

Anything is possible when you dream to have it. Collin Clarke, a 22-year-old boy with Down Syndrome dreamt of participating in a bodybuilding championship. The young guy fulfilled his dream recently, by competing in the Kentucky Muscle Bodybuilding Championship in Louisville.

I might break down like a little baby…I can’t really express it. Hopefully I can try to keep competing, but it’s going to be hard to do, said Collin Clarke.

Along with his personal trainer Glenn Uberhor, Collin started a strict weight training and diet plan. It was just a year ago when Clarke was out of shape, but he lost 60 pounds after following his strict routine.

The efforts and strong determination of Collin Clarke has inspired many lives, including a four-time Mr. Olympia champion Jay Cutler. Though he was not present at the event, he sent a gift to Clarke. ‘If you have a dream, go chase it’, this is what exactly Collin Clarke did, without bothering his physical disabilities.



Image Credit: dailymail


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