‘Dear Future Generations: Sorry’, a video appealing people to take actions on climate change

climate change

Prince Ea, the celebrity activist, St.Louis rapper, poet, anthropologist has launched his online video titled – ‘Dear Future Generations: Sorry’, on the 45th anniversary of Earth Day, to motivate individuals to take immediate action to stop climate change.

We owe children a better future than the one we’re giving them now. This isn’t just about saving trees, it’s about doing what’s right for billions of people around the world affected by climate change, as well as taking back the future of generations who will be affected by the actions we take today. Said Prince Ea.

Prince Ea was inspired to produce the video by the ‘Stand for Trees’ campaign, an innovative new way for individuals to take real and effective action to protect threatened forests and help mitigate global climate change. He has also visited two Stand for Trees project sites developed by Wildlife Works in Kenya and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

In the video, Prince Ea apologizes to the future generations for all the environmental destruction. He is encouraging everyone to stand up and take action now.

Watch this powerful and truly meaningful video and let’s take action, rather than being sorry.

Dear Future Generations: Sorry


Image Credit: therundownlive

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