Chen Xingyin, the armless son who cares his sick mother in every possible way

chen xingyin

Nothing seems enough when we try to do something for our mother. But, Chen Xingyin’s devotion to his mother is beyond humbling. Chen Xingyin is a 48-year-old farmer from the village of Tongxin in China, who lost both arms in an accident when he was just 7 years old. But, irrespective of his own disabilities, he has been taking good care of his 91-year-old mother; even spoon-feeding her using his mouth.

Due to an illness, Chen Xingyin’s mother doesn’t have the energy to move her arms and legs. For which, he feeds her by clenching the end of the eating utensil in his mouth and scooping the food. At the age of 20, Chen started to train himself to use his feet, after the death of his father. Chen Xingyin performs a lot of other duties, including planting crops, preparing food and tending to livestock. He often uses his feet for many of his daily tasks, including picking and cutting vegetables.

I may not have arms to work with, but I can use my feet, Chen said.

Chen was being suggested by some villagers to go to a train station and beg for money. But, begging and giving up was never an option for Chen. Chen Xingyin’s devotion to his mother is truly overwhelming and along with that, Chen’s positive spirit towards life is highly inspiring.


Image Credit: dailymail


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