At the age of 73, she probably holds a record for being the oldest startup founder

chatty janaki amma ki almaari

Mrs. Chatty Janaki, popularly known as Amma, is a 73 year old typical middle class Indian housewife who has dutifully fulfilled the expectations from life and family. None of these make her extraordinary, other than the fact that at the age of 73, she started her start up endeavour in Mumbai.

Everyone knows she adores crochet and whenever she gets a moment for herself, she generously knits for her family, relatives, friends of family and neighbourhood friends. Even acquaintances leave her home with little knitted threads. After comfortably settling down her responsibilities, her flaming inner spirit started unsettling her and there was only one way to rest it. The lifestyle exposure she gained during her international travels and her love for beautiful homes to look at and live in, inspired her to promote her craft in a noble manner.

She believes, ‘There is never an age to stop giving, never an age to stop learning and more importantly- never an age to stop starting something new.’

With this mindset, she set her heart to christen her creations as ‘Amma ki Almaari’. Her concept is very simple; ‘If at 73 I can reconstruct my life to present time, my creations should also reflect the same.’

Crochet is a fine craft, appreciated by few, yet it cater to all lifestyle aspirants. Above all, crochet is a category perceived as a grandmother’s art, tucked away in a cozy corner. Recognising this as a challenge, she decided to capitalise it as an opportunity.

crochet amma ki almaari

Amma ki Almaari was born to be a contemporary line of hand crafted crochet, styled to adorn personal spaces.

The one-piece edition range of creations includes:

  • Crochet crafted wall frames
  • Crockery
  • Coffee mugs
  • Bottle dressings
  • Made to order pieces

She wants to continuously add more home décor pieces to create crochet homes. Her future moment of pride would arrive when she will launch her exclusive Amma ki Almaari retail outlet, pulling up the shutter every day, managing the counter and personally interacting with every crochet passionate buyer. This is how she dreams to live her life.

crochets chatti janaki amma ki almaari

All products are priced not more than Rs. 999/- per piece and can be purchased with COD option. Buyers can get in touch with her on 9820925347 or drop a line at her Facebook page.


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  1. Turenne says:

    I salute Mrs Chatty Janaki! She demonstrate that a life is worth living to the fullest at any age even if starting anew is required!