The journey of a beggar to be an athlete – Incredible story of Chandramma K

chandramma k

Back in 2010, Chandramma K was a beggar on the streets. But, defying all the odds this 14 year old is now bagging medals in different athletics at various inter-school competitions over the last few years.

When Chandramma K was only 7 years old, she was rescued from the streets along with her brother. Both of them were beggars at that time. They were rescued by the Child Welfare Committee (CWC) and their parents were informed too. They said they would come to take them back, but they never did.

The siblings were sent to Annapoorna Charitable Trust in Jnana Ganga Nagar. The trust took care of their education and they were enrolled in Balya Vidya Mandir. With no formal training, and even with with no fancy shoes, Chandramma K won the gold medal at the 100-m dash at ‘Gail – The Fastest Indian’ event in 2014. She also secured first place in 100 metre and 200 metre sprints organized at the taluk level in 2015-16. Not only this, this wonder kid is also a strong kabaddi as well as kho-kho player.



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