The school in Bihar with no electricity, but students get lessons through internet

chandrakant singh

Isn’t it amazing to see a high class and innovative methods of education in a school situated in a remote corner of Bihar? It is indeed!! Chaitanya Gurukul Public School is that world class school situated about 30 km from Gopalganj, which was founded in 2009 by an ex-IITian, Chandrakant Singh.

About 450 children, both boys and girls are imparted lessons in physics, chemistry, mathematics and computer through Skype, video conferencing and Internet by Chandrakant Singh and eight of his associates sitting in various corner of the world. They teach students from class I to class VII. Apart from this, there are 16 other teachers who reside on the campus and help the students in their studies. Student’s attendances are marked with a biometric finger printer.

The school has no electricity. The computers run on generators owned by the school. Pankaj Kumar of NTPC, a technocrat, teaches physics from Singrauli. Sanjay Rai, an alumnus from BITS, Pilani and working with HAL, teaches chemistry from Korwa in UP, while M Vats, a US-based technocrat teaches maths.

With a view to providing world-class, technology-enabled education to the children of this backward village, where I was born and where I had my primary schooling, I set up this institution, said Singh.

Singh decided to do something for his hometown when Bihari migrants were attacked by the Maharashtra Navnirman Sena in Mumbai. He then took advice from Surya Narayan, dean of IIT Bombay, who was his teacher too. As per Narayan’s suggestion, Singh prepared blueprint of a revenue-generating, self-sustaining model and e-mailed it to 3000 friends and eight of whom agreed to fund it.

After state government approved the proposal, they met the villagers and convinced them about the school. Within three months they had 13 acres of land for their school. Even after giving completely free education, Chandrakant has made this organization,  self-sustainable and revenue-surplus in the very first year itself. In the very first year, 11 of his students were qualified in Level-2 of the National Science Olympiad and the International Math Olympiad.

Chandrakant Singh is fulfilling his dream to provide quality and world class education to the kids of the poorer section of this remotest village of Bihar. It’s nonetheless than a dream for the students of the Chaitanya Gurukul Public School, whose teachers attend their classes through video conferences, from different corners of the world. In that remote corner of Bihar, where there are no electric poles yet, Chandrakant Singh has built a world class educational institute and he proved it so neatly that everything is possible, only we must have the urge to do it.


Image Credit: 100heroes


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