You will be amazed to see these 44 dinner guests of Claire Nash on every Sunday

claire nash

Every Sunday, Claire Nash cooks dinner for 50; herself, her husband, their four children and for 44 dogs. Claire Nash makes a full roast dinner for the residents of Cardiff Dogs Home in Wales. The lucky pups get home cooked food that includes chicken, gravy, carrots, peas, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, potatoes, Yorkshire puddings and even sausages wrapped in bacon. Claire Nash cooks all by herself and also bears the expenses too.

claire nash

This began when Claire Nash volunteers at the shelter as a walker and began bringing the family’s leftovers to give to the rescue dogs. But there was never enough for all and it was too hard to choose which dogs should get those tasty treats. So Nash decided, she’d simply make more.

Cardiff Dogs Home: Sunday Dinners For All


The dogs love it. They can smell it coming the moment I arrive and open the boot of the car. They bark and go mad when they smell it, but when the food is in front of them you could hear a pin drop it goes so quiet. Said Claire Nash.

claire nash

Claire starts cooking on Saturday afternoon to be sure that every bowl comes full on Sunday. Even, the vet orders Nash’s home-cooked food for some of the dogs having poor health. On special occasions like Christmas, dogs get an extra special treat as well, like a turkey dinner with all the trimmings.


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