Everyone will experience Paris as a car free city on 27th September

car free city

On September 27th, people will be able to experience Paris without motorized traffic, giving the city over to pedestrians and bikers. There won’t be any traffic congestion, noise pollution and vehicle emissions on that particular day. The day without cars will transform the entire urban landscape of Paris.

Our city has to establish an exemplary signal responding to global issues. But it also has to respond to local issues after record peaks of pollution and climate challenges that are more than ever at the heart of everyday life. The car-free day, by its magnitude, will also leave a lasting mark on the collective imagination: Everyone can project a city more livable, adopt sustainable behaviors, particularly in terms of mobility and the sharing of public spaces, said Paris Sans Voiture, a non-profit environmental group.

Some of the countries have already planned to have a car free city in the future. In China, plans and budgets have been prepared for a car free city. Same way in Abu Dhabi, a car free, self-sufficient city is also in the works. Hamburg has committed to a 20-year plan to eliminate cars. However, there will be routes for public transportation and emergency vehicles.

We are living in an era where we can’t think of a single moment without vehicles. As per the World Health Organization, air pollution is the main health risk posed to the environment in the world’s largest cities. Keeping that in mind, experiencing a day without cars in Paris will be a huge overwhelming factor for each and everyone. And it will be indeed a good idea if every country makes a particular day without cars; which will reduce the pollution level to a great extent.



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