Dot and Misha – Two brave canines of Indian Army which helped in the Siachen rescue operation


On February 3, a huge ice wall broke off and covered an army post in northern glacier in Siachen, the world’s highest battlefield. A team of 150 army men, including a group specialized in glaciated terrain, rushed for the rescue operation. But these 150 brave soldiers were not alone; there were two more dedicated and brave canines Dot and Misha, who helped the soldiers in that excruciating rescue operation.

Besides earth penetrating radars and special ice cutting equipment, Dot and Misha helped tremendously to rescue Lance Naik Hanamanthappa Koppad, who was buried under 25 feet of ice at 19,500 feet on the Siachen Glacier. They also helped the soldiers to recover other bodies beneath the ice.

The dogs, Dot and Misha, did a tremendous job, the officials said

The rescue operations were carried out in extreme weather conditions where the average day temperature was minus 30 degrees Celsius and minus 55 degrees at night.


Image CRedit: thenews


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