Jak Trueman, 15 year old teenager who raised huge funds for cancer research before his death

cancer research

In August 2014, Jak Trueman was diagnosed with Gamma-delta T-cell lymphoma, a rare and aggressive form of cancer. When doctors declared that there was nothing more they could do to help Jak, his family decided to end treatment. But Jak thought to spend the rest of his life in a useful way. He started a campaign to raise funds for cancer research. His family set up a ‘JustGiving page’ to raise money for research of leukaemia and lymphoma. With the help of supporters worldwide, the youth was able to raise more than £44,000 at the time of his death.

Jak Trueman’s fulfilled his dying wish to take his girlfriend Hannah Boyd, to the school prom. This courageous guy amazed everyone by showing exemplary courage by living every minute of his life, even in the face of adversity. Nearly 200 teachers and classmates at Mid Calder High in West Lothian, Scotland, applauded when Trueman attended the school prom at Livingston Football Club along with his girlfriend.

The family had not given up hope but was living ‘minute by minute, hour by hour.’ said Jak’s mother.

Trueman, who was a fan of Rangers Football Club and a goalkeeper with Mid Calder under-16 team, wanted to attend the game, but could not, as he was too weak to make the journey. Thousands of soccer fans honoured Jak Trueman by chanting his name with applause at the Scottish League Cup’s semi-final between Celtic and Rangers at the Hampden ground in Glasgow.




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