A homeless group donated $1,000 to the Children’s Wish Foundation

calgary drop-in & rehab centre

‘A friend in need is a friend indeed’, an old proverb that goes best with the residents of the Calgary Drop-In & Rehab Centre. The homeless group has donated a cheque of $1,000 to the Children’s Wish Foundation. Throughout 2015, the group collected $2,200 in recycling refunds and unanimously decided to use the money to help children.

We figure that helping the children is the way to go with making donations. They don’t have choices in their circumstances. If we can do something that will make them happier through their tough times, we decided that that was the way to go, said Tim Buckingham.

In addition to the Children’s Wish Foundation, the Drop-In Centre residents made a donation to the Alberta Children’s Hospital to purchase four televisions and Christmas gifts for patients.

I think wealth comes from the heart. I think sharing any wealth or paying it forward is a great thing, especially around Christmas and especially for the kids, said Brian Sproul.



Image Credit: calgary


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