Byju’s Physics of classic toys make learning easy and fun


Contributor: Bharat Panwaria

Physics is beyond our imagination, the planetary motion, great theories and discoveries from great people and involves some calculations. It has made us understand the energy driving within this whole universe. To learn in an interactive way about physics’ theories and concepts, Byju’s has introduced Physics of classic or science toys such as the spinning toys, newton’s cradle and model, giving a practical view or knowledge of all the concepts lying within this world of physics.

Byju’s is an Ed-tech company that totally concentrates on app-based learning. The firm also offers free coaching for CBSE, JEE, IAS and much more. The core philosophy of Byju’s is to inspire students by providing high quality and accessible education.

The science toys might seem to be annoying for the present generation kids, unlike video games. Apparently, most of the classic toys explain various kinds of physical concepts, and in fact playing with these will undoubtedly help children to develop a deep understanding of the real world physics problems around them.

Physics requires immense visualization to understand its basic concepts. The use of these science- based toys is the best way to teach a kid about the basic principles of science. The one more engaging and interesting thing about these toys is that they are all based upon the principles of physics. These toys are also helpful for teachers, for demonstration purposes. These science toys help a learner in a great way, to understand physics.


There are different types of classic toys developed so far; some of them are, Spinning Tops, Model Rockets, Magnets, Kaleidoscope, Newton’s Cradle, Toy Telescope, Prism, Plasma Lamps etc.

Since its launch last year, Byju’s has become India’s largest Education Technology (Learning) company. Byju’s is helping students learn, through its learning app. Its learning app has already seen phenomenal engagement, with over 3.5 million students on its platform.

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