Life lessons to learn from Brian Acton, the founder of WhatsApp

Brian Acton

Despite having years of experience as a software engineer, he was the one whom no one wanted to hire. He worked in the companies like Yahoo and Apple Computer, yet he was turned down by two major companies Facebook and Twitter. Later, he built an application which was acquired by Facebook in 2014. He is none other than Brian Acton, the founder of WhatsApp.

Brian Acton was born in Michigan and grew up in Central Florida. He is a computer science graduate from  Stanford University. He was the 44th employee hired by Yahoo. During his Yahoo days he met Jan Koum , the co-founder of WhatsApp. In 2007, they decided to quit Yahoo and they started travelling South America for a year. Back in 2009, they both applied at Facebook, but both were rejected. Eventually Brian Acton teamed up with Jan Koum and developed WhatsApp, which he incorporated on his birthday Feb. 24, 2009. Over the years, WhatsApp has become one of the most widely used apps around the world.

WhatsApp was acquired by Facebook in 2014. The founders agreed to sell off WhatsApp to Facebook for $19 billion USD in cash and stock. Brian holds a stake of 20% in the company.

According to Brian Acton, ‘Life is all about adventure and achieving success or nothing.’ This thrill helped him to develop WhatsApp, which is now used by over 450 million users worldwide. The man who was once rejected as an employee at Facebook, now holds stakes in the company.  His net worth is $3.4 billion. Brian Acton, who is now ranked 190th wealthiest man in the USA has fondly tweeted from his personal Twitter account that he was once rejected by Facebook and Twitter.


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