This 29-year-old mom has donated 5,000 pints of breast milk to help feed premature babies


Elizabeth Anderson-Sierra is a 29-year-old mom from Beaverton, Oregon, who has donated 5,000 pints of breast milk to help premature babies.

Elizabeth has hyper lactation syndrome, which means she produces more milk than what is considered average. She spends 10 hours a day pumping around 1.75 gallons of milk.


In total I will spend around five hours a day just pumping and then with storing, labeling, sterilizing etc. Pumping is not fun – it is uncomfortable and it hurts – but it is my labor of love, said Elizabeth.

She feeds her own six-month-old daughter and gives the rest to those who need more than her. The milk goes to a milk bank for micro preemies. One oz can feed three or four babies. So far, Elizabeth has fed thousands of babies.


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