A young doctor from Odisha is treating poor patients suffering from thalassemia, all for free

biswashree gyanranjan nayak

Contributor – Md. Imran Ali

Like any other youngster, Dr. Biswashree Gyanranjan Nayak is also very much passionate about his work. He is a young and dynamic Homeopathic physician from Odisha. When Dr. Nayak saw kids and poor people suffering from thalassemia, he decided to offer his free treatment to them. And that is how Dr. Gyanranjan Nayak is now an inspiration for many young physicians.

Thalassemia is an inherited blood disorder in which the body makes an abnormal form of hemoglobin. Nayak studied and researched on practicing homeopathic remedy to the patients suffering from thalassemia to give them a relief. He is the co-founder of a registered trust Salaam Jeevan that works particularly in the health sector. Under this organization, Nayak initiated one program called ‘Umeed’. In this program, nearly 50 patients suffering from thalassemia are regularly given free medical consultation and medicines.

Thalassemia needs more preventive action to fight with, thus, we are championing the cause through awareness on thalassemia. We are convincing young people to go for some pathological blood tests before marriage, so that they can decide about their marriage and issues. Different awareness generation programs are organized in educational campuses with the message of thalassemia and other health related issues, said, Dr. Nayak.

biswashree gyanranjan nayak

The treatment helps patients to increase the gap of blood transfusion. Other associated complaints like irritation, bloated abdomen, anemic with pale color of the body, swelling, loss of appetite, general weakness and dizziness have substantially reduced. Dr. Biswa has also come up with a booklet describing the reasons and other matters of thalassemia.

Salaam Jeevan has been organizing free homeopathy camps for urban poor in Bhubaneswar. General health awareness and check up camps are regularly organized in the slums of Bhubaneswar. Awareness campaigns on cancer, T.B, Malaria, Diabetes, Blood pressure, and other killer diseases are also frequently organized. Similarly, the organization runs a Tobacco Cessation and Drug De-addiction centre at the clinic of Dr. Biswashree Gyanranjan Nayak in Bhubaneswar, where tobacco, alcohol and drug users are given free counseling and motivation to lead a drug free healthy life.

Dr. Biswashree Gyanranjan Nayak has been awarded by the NMYS and CYSD for his health initiatives and services to the poor. Dr. Biswa can be contacted on his email – [email protected]/ Mob. +91 9861427019.

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