Bhavesh Patel, the blind photographer who clicks prominent movie stars like Katrina Kaif

bhavesh patel

Katrina Kaif has probably posed for many prominent photographers throughout her career. But her recent photo shoot was really special and unique, reason being she was clicked by a visually impaired photographer, Bhavesh Patel. Everyone would be amazed to see those photographs, because it is really hard to believe that those photos were actually clicked by a visually impaired person.

bhavesh patel photography

Katrina looked absolutely gorgeous in the photographs and this was easily understood when Katrina said, ‘They are amazing.’  Bhavesh took these stunning photographs of Katrina as a part of an advertisement of a perfume brand, which the actress has been endorsing for quite some time.

I believe that when a woman feels beautiful, people around her can sense it. It’s beauty one can almost feel, said Bhavesh.

Bhavesh admitted that though he is blind since birth, he could feel Katrina’s beauty while working with her. Bhavesh’s journey with photography began four years back, when he participated in a workshop as a student at St. Xavier’s College. Eventually, his interest in photography grew and he went on to study photography and joined the ‘Blind with Camera’ project.


Many of the beautiful shots taken by this exceptionally talented visually impaired photographer have been featured in exhibitions organized by the Beyond Sight Foundation and Alliance Française cultural centre in Delhi. Bhavesh is currently working with BarrierBreak.

bhavesh patel photography

Bhavesh loves taking pictures of nature and people at their most natural selves. Through photography, Bhavesh feels a great sense of pride for accomplishing. Through his lenses, Bhavesh has proved that real beauty lies beyond what our eyes can see.

Photographs of Bhavesh and few other visually impaired photographers from India have been featured on the BBC. Follow the link to know more

Image Credits: dailymail photogiri

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