5 beautiful libraries of the world that attract not only readers, but also thousands of tourists every year

There is no friend as loyal as a book. – Ernest Hemingway.

The day we understand the voice of our mother, we start to make connection with the words. History has proved that human beings have a deep interest in archiving information, either curving on walls, imposing on a piece of cloth or binding them in the pages in the form of books. Reading and writing is a part of our society now.

Love for the books starts right from our childhood, where kids recite nursery rhymes, gaze pictures of animals and fairy tales. A person is never alone in the company of books. As a book lover one can never say ‘no’ to the place which is the hub of knowledge – ‘Library’. The library is a cathedral for book lovers. It’s a place where imagination takes a flight along with the whisper of words. Considering love for archiving and reading, library was introduced. Libraries are known for their books and silence, but there is another important factor – its architecture! As much as we love books lined up on the shelves, equally we must appreciate the architecture of the libraries.

Today, even in the era of internet, libraries built around the world still hold their roots not only because of the collection of books they have, but for their unique architecture.  We can never categories or subdivide this knowledge pool, but can at least pick some of the best libraries from around the world that attract not only the readers but also tourists from different places.

George Peabody Library

george peabody library

One of the most beautiful libraries located in Baltimore, USA, built in a Neo-Grec style is popularly known for its cathedral look. One can find books of all interest; say religion, art or travel. This library is named after George Peabody, who funded library with a motive to make it accessible to all.

Interesting Facts-

The first provost called George Peabody Library, a ‘cathedral of books.’

Special events like wedding too takes place in this library.

Baroque Library Hall (Clementinum)

baroque library hall

Prague is known for its history and natural beauty. A number of monuments and buildings have been preserved that are part of its rich culture and reason for its tourist attraction. One of them is Clementinum where Baroque library is a beautiful example of Baroque architecture and frescoes by Jan Hiebl.

Interesting facts-

From this library, some of the rare historical books were sent to Google for digitization.

This library is featured in a Spanish novel by Jorge Luis Borges.

New York Public Library

new york public library

Stephen A. Schwarzman Building is a beautiful blend of modern library and historic touch. Approximate two block corridor, hanging chandeliers, big window is a perfect treat to the visitor’s eye. Murals by Richard Haas is an eye-catching factor for the visitors.

Interesting Facts-

It is the second largest library in US and fourth largest in the world.

This library was featured in several Hollywood movies and in Universal Studio (Florida & Singapore)

Trinity College Old Library

trinity college old library

Dublin among the top thirty cities in the world, holds the largest library of Ireland. Old library’s long room walkway is lined up with a marble bust and the room is believed to be dated back to the 15th century.

Interesting Facts-

It has a barrel vaulted ceiling that mesmerizes its visitors.

It holds the busts of great philosophers, writers, and men who supported the college. Apart from the architecture, this library is also known for its Kell’s collection and manuscripts.

Library of Birmingham

library of birmingham

Literature is never complete without Shakespeare and Birmingham library is the best place for all Shakespeare lovers. Apart from the historical architecture, it has an ultra modern look.

Akanksha Itoriya

Akanksha works in finance and private banking domain of ABN AMRO bank as a TCSer. She is a complete movie buff and is very fond of exploring places. She is also a vivid reader and likes to put the strings of her thoughts down on paper.

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