You can drink beer to save beaches around the world!! Here’s how


Two thirds of beaches worldwide are dramatically receding due to the high demand for sand in pharmaceuticals, construction, and engineering. In order to curb the alarming situation, New Zealand-based company, DB Breweries has constructed a machine that grinds empty beer bottles into pristine glass sand; hence encouraging their customers to drink beer in order to save beaches.

Instead of the recycling bin, one has to place their finished beer bottle into the machine and watch as their previously-used glass turns into one cup of pure sand.


Kiwis, we love our beaches, and we love our beer. So wouldn’t it be great if you could have a beer and do something for the environment? I mean, that’s pretty exciting, said Sean O’Donnell, marketing director at DB Breweries.

The company has made some negotiations with construction companies and concrete manufacturers so as to ensure there will be now more theft of beach sand for future generations.

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