‘Bee My Guide’ – An app developed by a 12th grader to guide the visually impaired

bee my guide

With the help of an app, the visually impaired can now know exactly what is around them in their immediate environment. All thanks to Pavan Chitta, a 12th grade student from Greenwood High, Bangalore. He developed an app called ‘Bee My Guide’, that enables the user to get an idea of the environment where the app is used.

I have utilized the already-existing concept of artificial intelligence. Using Bee My Guide is simple. You can take a picture of what is in front of you or rotate your phone in your immediate surroundings, and it will tell you, through speech, whatever you need to know. It also reads out text messages and mails that the user cannot see otherwise.  Pavan Chitta.

Bee My Guide has various other features such as My Vision, What’s around Me, Find My Stuff, Check My Money, My Location and My Weather. If the user wants to cook something, the app will inform them about the ingredients in front of them. It also helps the user in bank transactions by informing them the value of the money they are holding.

The idea of the app was born when Pavan visited a unique restaurant ‘Dialogue in the Dark,’ where he dined in complete darkness and interacted with visually impaired employees who were the guides at the restaurant.

Bee My Guide – Main Demo

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