South Delhi schools to go for a bag-less day once a week

bag less day

Now, the students of Delhi will experience a ‘bag-less’ day once a week. In a bid to promote extra-curricular activities, the South Delhi Municipal Corporation has introduced a once-a-week ‘bag-less day’ in its schools.

Under the smart learning program, we have introduced the concept of a bag-less day when students will be encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities. This is an attempt to provide a different module of learning for better performance, said SDMC mayor Kamaljeet Sehrawat.

A day in a week will be reserved for activities such as quizzes, puzzle-solving and sports, when students will not have to bring their bags to school. However, the activities to be done on bagless day are yet to be finalized. There are 581 schools catering to about 3 lakh students under the south corporation. This initiative will help in improving the quality of education at SDMC schools.


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