A teenager discovers a cheaper way to convert plastic waste into biofuel

azza faiad

Can we think of transforming trash into fuel? Yes, we can!! This has been made possible by Azza Faiad, a 16 year-old girl from Egypt. This teenager has discovered a cheap and plentiful catalyst called aluminisilicate that drastically reduces the cost of converting plastic waste into gases like methane and propane, which can be turned into ethanol, a biofuel. The process releases other chemicals that can also be recycled and sold.

Azza Faiad’s ideas attracted the attention of the Egyptian Petroleum Research Institute. The institute gave her access to a lab and its researchers in order to help refine her trash to fuel formula. It is estimated that Faiad’s process could convert million tons of plastic trash produced in Egypt, into fuel worth $78 million every year.

I will pursue my efforts to get my project patented this year through the Egyptian Patent Office and also to see the idea become a tangible project on the ground. Said Azza Faiad.

The European Union Contest for Young Scientists has already honored Azza Faiad with a prize for her work and she is now working on a patent for her trash to fuel process.


Image Credit: faiteslepleindavenir


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